Only a Box?


New ways to use a cardboard box. Comfortable and easy, ready to surprise


What is portable boxes?


Amazing. It’s simple, easy, comfortable. A box with wheels to make your life easier. Do you ever thought?


Boxes for everyday life


Products to make life easier. Moving effortlessly, clothes, books, recycling. Our boxes are designed for your day.


Industrial Services


We develop specific designs for the packaging of your product. Not the same deliver in a normal box, which in a portableboxes box. Added value for your customers.



Volumen Discount


Need more quantity? Are you a customer of industry? Talk to us, we can offer the best volume discounts.




Never a cardboard box was so useful



Portable Boxes in a minute

The essence of a simple idea. A solution in which insurance you thought now is a reality.


Wheel Loaded

Converted into portable models

Ongoing projects

Kilograms used cardboard